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Order Acceptance & Copyrights-Trademarks

       For custom print orders any art work that you send for imprinting MUST BE either owned by you or you have permission from the owner to imprint it
You affirm under the pains and penalties of perjury that any requested printed artwork you send to us including images, text, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, written and other materials, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and/or other intellectual property is either owned by you or is licensed to you.

Shipping Times

       The shipping times in the following chart apply to merchandise shipped within the continental United States. You can use this chart to help determine the total delivery time for your order. Please refer to the information below the chart to calculate total delivery times

•    Delivery Method Ship Time

•    7 to 10 business days

•    3 to 5 business days

•    1 to 3 business days

Our normal processing time for orders is 2-3 business days depending on season.

       To estimate your order's arrival date, add the longest process time of for your order to the delivery method ship time (Standard: 7-10  business days, Priority: 2 to 3 business days, Express: 1 business day).
For example: If you made an order that takes 2 to 3 business days to process before shipping and had it sent by Standard shipping (7-10 business days), the order would arrive in 9-13 business days. Another example: If you made an order that takes 2 to 3 business days to process before shipping and is sent by priority  (2 to 3 business days), the order would arrive in 4 to 6 business days

Telephone confirmation is required for all express and priority orders.

       We are not responsible for delivery times nor late deliveries. Please allow sufficient time when ordering. We reserve the right to adjust shipping charges due to server errors. Please be certain these policies are acceptable to you prior to ordering.  We make every effort to get your goods to you when YOU want them.

Shipping of Regulated Materials

       We're sorry, but items containing regulated or hazardous materials cannot be shipped by air (Priority or Express shipping). These items are identified on their item description page as containing regulated or hazardous materials.
       Most of our packages are delivered by a combination of air and ground transport. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricts the air shipment of certain items that could potentially impair safe flight. We are committed to getting your order to you as quickly as possible, but we also must to do it in compliance with all government rules and regulations. Accordingly, we cannot ship by air some orders that contain FAA-restricted products

Restricted items typically fall into one of two categories:

•    Aerosol products in pressurized spray cans, such as hairspray and silly string.
•    Products that contain flammable, volatile or corrosive chemicals, such as snappers, stink bombs.

Shipping to another address

       Shipping to a different address? To protect the security of your credit card and help expedite your order, if your order is shipping to an address that is not the same as the billing address on your credit card, you may be asked to list the alternate address with your credit card company. Doing this in advance will speed up the processing of your order. To place an alternate address on file with your credit card, simply call the number on the back of your credit card and ask the agent to add the address to the notes on your account

Order Acceptance

       Please note that there may be certain orders that we are unable to accept and must cancel. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. For your convenience, you will not be charged until your payment method is authorized, the order information is verified for accuracy and your order is shipped. Some situations that may result in your order being canceled include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department. We may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is canceled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is canceled after your credit card has been charged, we will issue a credit to your credit card in the amount of the charge.

Pricing or Typographical Errors

       While Glow Stick Factory strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, pricing or typographical errors may occur. Glow Stick Factory cannot confirm the price of an item until after you order. In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to an error in pricing or product information, Glow Stick Factory shall have the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item. In the event that an item is mis-priced, Glow Stick Factory may, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.


       We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear on the Site. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate

Limitations on product liability

       Glow Stick Factory makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied and any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is hereby disclaimed entirely by Glow Stick Factory for the products we carry. Glow Stick Factory shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, injury, loss or expenses arising from the use or inability to use the products we sell for any purposes whatsoever, or for any willful or accidental misuse of the products. Only manufacturer's warranties are available to the buyer, and those are extremely limited. By purchasing these products, the consumer acknowledges that these products are intended for specific entertainment, recreational and safety purposes and that supervision, caution and reasonable care should be exercised in their use. Unacceptable uses include but are not limited to using the product as a weapon or using the product in any way which may cause injury to self or others. The consumer agrees to release Glow Stick Factory , it's owners, employees, heirs assigns offics, agents and associates from any and all liability, claims, demands or actions or causes of actions arising from or blame whatever arising out of any damage, injury, loss or death resulting from any cause whatever, whether the result of misuse, the fault of the user, a defect in the product or from any other cause whatever, regardless of intention. No action or representation written or verbal on the part of Glow Stick Factory , the manufacturer or any other can amend make void or alter this product liability limitation in any way at all. The consumer agrees to all of the terms of this limitation when purchasing or receiving goods from Glow Stick Factory . If you do not agree to these terms, then do not buy or request or take receipt of products from Glow Stick Factory


       Glow Stick Factory explicitly states that it's products are not meant for children without adult supervision. glow sticks are the not meant for internal use by ANYONE. Putting glow sticks in the mouth or other bodily orifice is strongly DISCOURAGED. The contents of glow products are chemicals and glass and do not belong in, and are not meant for use in the mouth or other bodily orifice. If you put them there, do not even think of blaming us for it, let alone expecting us to help remove them for you. We provide this disclaimer in recognition of the absurd extent of the abrogation of personal responsibility currently prevalent in this country and the resultant pervasive litigiousness. If you choose to do something unadvised with our products, we do not wish to know about it either before, during or after the fact nor will we accept any responsibility whatever for your folly, malice or neglect.
Our receipt of your order does not constitute acceptance of your order or confirmation of an offer to sell. Glow Stick Factory reserves the right to refuse services to any customer or limit quantity on any item. Verification of identity may be required before order acceptance. By ordering from us you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and agree to be financially responsible for all orders you place from Glow Stick Factory


       Glow Stick Factory controls and operates this site from Plymouth County in the state of Massachusetts  , USA, and from no other location. Glow Stick Factory makes no representation as to the suitability or availability of this site in other locations. Those who access the site do so at their own risk and are responsible for compliance with local law. The laws of the state of Massachusetts shall govern this site, these terms and conditions and any dispute related thereto without regard to choice of law rules. You hereby consent and agree to exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Plymouth County, state of Massachusetts. Use of this site is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all of these terms including without limitation this paragraph


       You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Glow Stick Factory from any claims and expenses including attorney fees and Glow Stick Factory's damages, actions or negligence arising in connection with a violation of this agreement by you or through the use of this site or products. You agree to indemnify defend and hold harmless Glow Stick Factory any and all entities and persons associated in any way with this site and Glow Stick Factory from any injury or liability or damages whatever arising from proper or improper use of products or from any damages injury or death resulting from use or misuse of the products in any way whatever. If you do not agree, leave now and do NOT purchase products from us


       If any part of this agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, then such invalid or unenforceable provision shall be deemed superceded by a valid and enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the agreement shall remain in effect

Copyrights and Trademarks

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