Glow Sticks For Non-Profits

The Glow Stick Factory believes in developing strong ties and giving back to the Community.  We have chosen to focus our efforts by supporting positive youth development and 501c3 charitable organizations.  As a show of our commitment to these goals, we are offering considerable discounts on our glow sticks to any 501c3 non-profit organization that may need a little help.

Please follow our Quick & Easy 3 step process to receive your non-profit pricing:

1.  Create an account
2.  Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page letting us know you're non-profit.

(Please allow us up to 24 hours to change your account to a non-profit status.  If you cannot wait the 24 hours please contact customer support through our contact us page)

3.  Sign In and place your order, your special pricing will be applied throughout the site.

Let our Glow Sticks be an integral part of your next Fundraising Campaign!  We provide you with the profit margin so you simply set your financial goals and will achieve them quickly!  We gladly offer help planning and implementing successful campaigns.  With our special printing services you can customize our Glow Sticks with your group's name, seal, or logo or simply choose to sell traditional Glow Sticks.  Either way you'll have fun while raising the money needed fast!