Glowsticks Vs Glow Sticks

Glowsticks Vs Glow Sticks />


Glow Sticks

You say Glow Sticks I say Glowsticks

We were recently asked for the correct spelling of glow sticks – glowsticks, is a two or single word?  The verdict seems to be indecisive.  As I type this in MS Word, Word is red underlining the 1 word spelled “glowsticks”

History:  Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s the correct spelling was 1 word “glowsticks” and the 2 word was considered misspelled.   This was then changed to the opposite “ Glow Sticks” was considered  the correct spelling and the 1 word spelling was considered misspelled.

Google: in the early 90’s if you Google “glow sticks” as two words Google would have asked you if you meant “Glowsticks” as 1 word.  This was changed in the late 90’s if you Google the 1 word spelling “glowsticks” Google would have asked you “did you mean glow sticks” Today, Google will not ask if you if you meant to spell it as 2 words  and show search results, different from the 2 word spelling though.   That is also true if you Google the 2 word spelling “Glow Sticks” it will not ask if you meant the 1 word spelled version and they will show results that are different from “Glowsticks”   Now to make it even more debatable if you were to Google anything in front of 1 word spelled “glowsticks” Google will ask did you mean the 2 word spelled glow sticks For example if I Google “ Custom Glowsticks”   Google will ask “did you mean custom glow sticks”  this is true no matter what word is front of the 1 word spelled “glowsticks”

Yahoo Same as Google back in the early 90’s the correct spelling was 1 word spelling “glowsticks” Yahoo has change the spelling to two words and if you search on Yahoo for the 1 word spelling they will ask you if you meant the 2 word “glow sticks” spelling instead.


Personally I prefer the 1 word spelling Glowsticks,