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Glow Stick Factory is your Best Source for Top Quality, Reliable Glow Sticks!

Glow Stick Factory believes in providing our customers with a high quality, consistent glow product that is
both fun and safe to use.  We believe in supporting American businesses and are proud to say that all our
glow sticks are Made in the U.S.A.!  We are not the cheapest glow stick provider but we stand behind our products.

          • Reliable, Long Lasting Glow
          • Safety You Can Trust
          • Durable Quality Goods

American Made
products must adhere to rigorous safety and quality metrics that foreign manufacturere are exempt from.  Therefore, foreign made products have a high rate of defects, are poorly made, might sit in storage for years, and often use dangerous chemicals or materials in production to cut costs.  Safety recalls, issued by the US to protect consumers, are most often found in foreign made products.

From Concept to Production Glow Stick Factory Has You Covered...

 Whether you want to custom print glow sticks, ping pong balls, or other novelties with your custom logo, message or simply purchase some glow products for a fun event- you can feel confident that Glow Stick Factory has the quality, reliability, and price that fit your needs!   Support US Jobs - Buy American!

            • From 1 Color to Full Photo Custom Printing
            • No Minimum Orders
            • Complimentary Design Creation
            • Rush Service Available

Custom Printed Glow Sticks are a unique way to add that special touch to any event or outing.  We have you covered for everything from simple Birthday Cheers to Complex Business Logos.  Whether you have a vague idea or a fully developed image for your Custom Glow Stick artwork, our printing and design department is dedicated to making sure you're satisfied with the final printed product.

We Go Out Of Our Way To Offer You The Highest Quality Glow Sticks...

Is paying less money really saving you any?  If 50% of your cheaper foreign glow sticks malfunction, aren't bright or last only a short time causing you to use more of them, have you save any money?  If the materials used in the production cause health issues for you or your loved ones, what have you gained?  Do you really want to advertise your company name or logo on a poorly manufactured product?

Glow Stick Factory provides a premium product at a discounted price.  We are proud to sell glow sticks that are Made at our factory in Massachusetts, U.S.A..  We stand behind the quality of our product and offer competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.  

What You Won't Find At Glow Stick Factory...

We are not the cheapest glow stick provider but we stand behind our products.  Unlike our competition, we do not scour the Pacific Rim looking for the cheapest, lowest quality Glow Sticks we can find. Instead, we strive to provide our customers with top quality Glow Sticks so forget about cheap Glow Sticks. We have the quality you need.